What Sleep Wants...

Are your issues really as much of an enigma as you think?
The medical society has been analysing sleep issues for some time, it's just that no one had the chance to sum it all up for all involved. You guessed right, this is the place to find out.

There's more. This is a movement. A book is coming, decades of assumptions, studies, and groundbreaking work will be ready for you soon.
While we are at it... The Obstructive Sleep Apnea Special is coming out soon.

Stay tuned. 

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Why can't anyone tell me what's happening to me and why?”

It had been a week of several nights without proper sleep. Again. I was sitting in my car, utterly exhausted. 

The question had crossed my mind over and over but on that day it was clear to me.

When the traffic light turned green, the decision was made. If I ever overcome insomnia, I would get to the bottom of what can interfere with sleep. 

Fast forward a couple of years and here we are. 


You have work to do. 


Since my move to the UK, I had not realised I had been eating  wrong. Too much bread and the likes. Thanks to your help I no longer sweat, toss and turn at night. Thank you.

Ace, Birmingham (UK)

Sleep issues started for me in my early teen years only to worsen when I became pregnant in my late 20s. Throughout the years, specialists tried everything from medications, to C-Pap machines to surgery and nothing worked; not a single doctor considered that hormones may be to blame. After my conversation with Birgit, I had my doctor run tests on my hormone levels to find that my cortisol levels were sky-high. After getting my hormones under control, I sleep well night after night.

A., Atlanta (USA)

My doctor got interested in what Birgit suggested to look into. She started treating my hormonal issues. My sleep apnea has definitely improved.

S., London (UK)

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My main job is to get you to focus.

Currently, dealing with sleep issues feels like being dropped in the middle of London with no map and no view of where you want to go. The biggest first result is ruling out as many issues as possible. Are you, like many people, dealing with issues of a behavioural nature or is there a medical component, drugs you are taking or maybe nutrition holding you back?

Individual sessions

  • Fill out the questionnaire
  • Spend 60 minutes reviewing and filling in the gaps
  • Get a written prep document with next steps and instructions for your healthcare professional

Co-Fund the book What Sleep Wants

  • Fund the prep work for the book to get published
  • Get an individual session
  • Get a printed and signed copy

Talks and Training

  • Get in touch do discuss details


"Why can't anyone tell me what's happening to me and why?" 

There was a moment years ago when the journey started that led us here. The above question I just couldn't shake. At some point I did overcome severe insomnia.

Until I overcame insomnia, the healthcare professionals I talked to were worried and it was so obvious how much they wanted to help. Had I known then what I know now, it would have been different story. You get to exclude irrelevant areas and focus on those that do matter. Your healthcare professionals get to focus too. You know yourself best. That in combination with focussing on the relevant issues shouldn't be extraordinary but currently it is. Use it. 

I want you to feel energised, drive a car wide awake and happy. Breathe. What's ahead goes way beyond what you are used to.

Start the journey. 

Before you start. This website does not provide or intends to provide you with medical advice or treatment. Birgit Buenger has set out to help medical professionals and individuals to understand what the underlying issues can be. The actual diagnosis of any such issues, course of treatment etc can only be determined and handled by healthcare professionals of your choice. 
The medical society has conducted studies and consolidated findings on a range of sleep issues. It is clear that while the mechanisms of sleep are not fully understood, we can use what we do know. Furthermore, especially with insomnia, overlapping issues may need to be revised. Your results may vary. This website and the book do not promise to magically resolve your issues. The aim is to review, look at the bigger picture, prepare you to find the right people. The result may vary, ranging from mildening symptoms to getting your issues resolved altogether. 
Please act responsibly. Follow your healthcare professional's advice, especially when it comes to prescriptions, their dosage etc. If you try something new, let your healthcare professional know.

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